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1 - Exegesis

Instituto Pouchulu is a private organisation dedicated to research and advice on Habitat Change. Industrial civilisation has produced a catastrophe on Earth, evidenced in what we know as Abrupt Climate Change which, according to scientific evidence, is leading our species to extinction. Continue reading here.

2 - What We Do

We analyse and propose policies and strategies related to Habitat. We offer the Six of One Report to individuals and institutions. We promote educational programmes, making people aware. We look for ways to adapt to an incoming hostile environement. Continue reading here.

3 - Who we are

Patricio Pouchulu (Buenos Aires, 1965) is an architect and educator graduated at the Bartlett School, UCL London, and FADU-UBA. He was recognized by the British Council. Continue reading here.

4 - Bibliography

Read fundamental documents, here.

5 - Educational programme

Explore publications, lectures, and the Survival Architecture Programme, here.

6 - Six of One

Information about the Six of One Report, here.

First, abandon car-based urbanizations: walking, bikes and trains will save what's left of the landscape. Continue reading here.


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