Instituto Pouchulu

of Earth's Habitat Change

1 - Exegesis

Instituto Pouchulu is an organisation dedicated to research and advice on Habitat Change. Industrial civilisation has produced a catastrophe on Earth, evidenced in Abrupt Climate Change which, according to scientifc evidence, is leading to extinction. Continue reading here.

2 - What I Do

I analyse and propose architectural, economical and political policies. I offer the Six of One Report. I promote educational programmes, making people aware. I look for ways to adapt to an incoming hostile environement. Continue reading here.

3 - Pouchulu

Patricio Pouchulu (Buenos Aires, 1965) is an architect and educator graduated at the Bartlett School, UCL London, and FADU-UBA. He was recognized by the British Council. Continue reading here.

4 - Bibliography

Fundamental books and documents, here.

5 - Educational programme

Explore scientific publications and the Survival Architecture Programme, here.

6 - Six of One

Instituto Pouchulu urges to take the following individual actions:

1- To abandon cars' culture: walking, bikes and trains can save what's left of the landscape. Continue reading, here.




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Photo: Earth from Apollo 11, 1969, image AS11-36-5295, courtesy: NASA.

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