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5 - Books, lectures, workshop

Pouchulu's books can be found below. For articles, magazines and press information visit Pouchulu's works here (you'll be re-directed outside this website).

Habitat Change Lecture

The Habitat Change Lecture is a two hours presentation about up-to-date environmental facts in relation with Habitat loss, explaining principles of climate and oceanography, pointing how our Habitat is rapidly deteriorating because of us, and why Earth's species -including us- face extinction. The current ice-free Arctic event and subsequent positive feedbacks that accelerate Global Warming are analysed. New environmental paradigms are explained.

Habitat Change Workshop

The Survival Architecture Programme was offered as a two weeks specialized design workshop for undergraduate students. In the first week they received up-to-date facts about Earth's sciences, including conservation biology, oceanography and climatology. Imminent environmental paradigms were analysed.

Habitat Change Unit

The Survival Architecture Programme was a two weeks specialized design workshop for graduate architecture students. New environmental paradigms were analysed, in order to produce original architectural programmes. Students sketched different concepts exposed to extreme environmental conditions.

The goal of Survival Architecture Programme is to plant a seed in the spirit of future professionals, who face the unprecedented challenge of Habitat loss.


Photo: Baobab, Senegal, Afrique Occidental Francaise, timbre c.1954, from Pouchulu's stamp collection.

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