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Six of One Report

The Six of One Report is a comprenhensive, tailor-made personalized letter, a consultant report on Habitat Change prepared under the request of individuals or institutions wishing to build a Pouchulu's project.

The Report

The Six of One Report describes your project within the dramatic loss of Earth's Habitat, pointing the risks and priorities you should be aware of before your resources. It also describes how you whould adapt the project to unpredicted economical challenges, how to change strategies in order to re-direct both the spirit of the space and its technical robustness. Can your house produce its own power? Can you live without large ammounts of electricity? We will discuss all that. A special consideration is taking regarding extreme climate events depending on which region your house, building or structure will be erected.


Contact Pouchulu here, or send an email to: instituto@pouchulu.com

Photo: Earth from Apollo 11, July 1969, image AS11-36-5295, courtesy of NASA.

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